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Your face has G-spot, here’s how to work it out (with Microcurrents)

Who wants to tighten and tone their face? 

With the internet obsessing over face rollers, this is clearly a hot topic. That’s why, today we’re talking about a trending treatment that’s the next best thing to a face lift: microcurrents. It’s just what it sounds like: tiny zaps on your face! Think of it as a non-invasive face lift, or like an intense gym session for your face muscles (these are also a thing).

This treatment is typically done as a facial, but there are some at-home alternatives that you can explore in a more intimate setting. An esthetician will first clean your skin, then apply a conducting gel. Electric prongs come next, and they’re used to stimulate the muscles on your face. It also gives your face a surge of collagen, AKA your skin is going to look super supple.

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This treatment should leave you feeling younger and lifted immediately -- but costs anywhere from $200-$500! The results are INSTANT. Look like a snack, at the cost of an entree. Immediately after the treatment, you should see difference in your appearance.

Here's what you should know before you get a microcurrent treatment.

Microcurrent technology isn’t new -- it’s actually been used for years! The technology is effective for patients struggling with nerve or muscle disorders. The electric waves have been proven to help people with facial paralysis, bell’s palsy, and many more. You can get this treatment monthly, but talk to your dermatologist and whoever is administering the facial to hear what they recommend for their specific treatment. Bottom line: the more you get this treatment, the more toned your face will look. Kinda like going to the gym ;)

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Some things you should know:

  • Do NOT get a microcurrent facial if you’re under 20, pregnant, or have a pacemaker.
  • Always check with a medical professional before getting this treatment.
  • If you don’t feel like spending the big bucks to get this facial, don’t worry -- there are also lots of at home gadgets you can use to get similar results. These are the popular ones now:

NUFACE Mini Facial Toning Device

ZIIP Beauty Device & Golden Conductive Gel

Typically these gadgets can cost the same as one facial treatment, but you can use it again and again and again! All in all, this technology can give your face a workout -- give it a try and let us know how it goes! Tag us on Instagram @le_cultureclub.

To read more, we love Into the Gloss’ analysis of the microcurrent industry, comparing facial treatments to at home tools.


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