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When buying plants also leads to better skin

The ancient Egyptians wrapped their beloveds who had moved on to the next world in aloe Vera. They believed that the botanical gel was the fountain of youth and would give the dead eternal life in the next world. Aloe Vera is hardly the new kid on the block when it comes to skincare ingredients, but it is one that shows up enough in our products so it deserves our attention.

There are so many ways to use Aloe Vera; it is to skincare what Windex is to Greek tribes. Use it on dry skin to moisturize and retain the hydration levels of your skin. When you get a little too much sun, use it to soothe the area and reduce inflammation on the baked skin. If you have a cut, slather some on to protect against a bacterial infection and to soothe the area. Put it in a smoothie because you can eat it too.

Things may be changing slightly when it comes to the aloe in cosmetics. Some new research shows that the non-decolonized whole leaf extract (that ooze) may cause cancer when eaten. California is putting this specific type of aloe Vera on the naughty list. Don't get too worried, this is different from the type of aloe vera that is found in your skincare products.

Succulents not only bring that urban jungle vibe (btw, follow #urbanjungle on Instagram for a good time) but they also can help you get that lit from within glow. Consider an aloe plant the next time you’re at the farmer’s market or wherever you get your noms.

Aloe Vera

What it is:

A botanical compound that comes from the succlent plant also known as Aloe barbadensis

What it does:

Aloe vera has exceptional wound healing and anti-inflammatory qualities. It can improve elasticity of the skin and reduce signs of aging from sun damage as well as wrinkles. It is both antimicrobial and antifungal.

Where to find it:

This ingredient shows up in every kind of skincare product.


Culture Corner

Aloe Vera has antimicrobial powers that allow it to fight against strains of the staph bacteria known for causing very dry skin. Another great reason to use aloe Vera in your moisturizer.

Le Leisure

Taking care of your skin is a luxury and a necessity. Here are our picks for spicing up your skincare routine this week, making the process more intentional. If you indulge in #LeLeisure, share on Instagram with that hashtag and tag us so we can share! 

  1. While You Mask: Feelin’ witchy this summer? (we are) Get started by reading your own tarot cards. This guide is a good starting point. We love this pack here, but find one that speaks to your unique vibes ~
  2. 🥤Drink & Apply: It’s time to refuel your gut. We talk a lot about the benefits of probiotics for your skin, and Kombucha is a great way to move that good bacteria into your gut. Health-ade is a great brand; brewed in a small batch and glass fermented (which means there aren’t any harsh or unknown chemicals that leak in). They have lots of delicious flavors! Buy it in Costco, Trader Joes, Whole Foods, and online.
  3. 🤳Set the Scene: Normality is defined by the images we see all around us. We are led to believe that we need to have this dress, or this type of skin, or this grain bowl to truly feel good and healthy. But Instagram isn’t always normal. Thankfully, they are now rolling out a new feature where you can mute people's posts on Instagram (bye Felicia), which is different than blocking/ unfollowing because the person won’t know they’ve been muted. So protect yourself, and remember what normal looks like.

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