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What face mists can actually do

Mists are a great way to get that quick refresh during a busy day, or to just stay on top of your skin will you’re on the go. It’s like you’re Muhammad Ali going 6 rounds and you have your towel guy wiping your face and throwing rose petal water down your throat. Float like a butterfly, chill like a bee.

The story

Brain Flow

Spraying cool water on your face, whether it be a $40 mist or just some tap water can actually increase cerebral blood flow. This works both when you're exercising and when you’re just relaxing with some truffle oil popcorn. Obviously this is important for brain stimulation but also for managing your temperature control and mental health. Low brain blood flow is correlated with brain fog, depression and anxiety. So mists are a good way to boost your mood on a cellular level and a #treatyoself level.   

Drink up

The universal benefit of any face mist is hydration. Brands will spice up a formulation with caffeine or anti-oxidants to give you something extra, but the main benefit will be the hydration. That’s because everything else doesn’t matter if the skin won’t retain the mist moisture on the skin. If it all evaporates then that's just a really expensive bottle of nothing.Good news: face mists are great for your face. Studies show that our faces really love mists and they can actually stay on the face long enough to make a difference. Whether spraying caffeine on your face will also make a difference in giving you an energy boost is another question. Basically, is taking in nutrients by osmosis the way to go? 

Dig Deep

The effect of a mist has everything to do with its ability to penetrate the outer skin layers to get right to business. Mineral waters with salts are especially good a doing this. They have a way of not only getting past the top layer, but penetrating through to having an effect on the cellular level. In some cases the salt mineral water can stimulate the nerves in your face.  

Dry Spell

Air conditioning is the only way to make it through the dog days of summer, but the dry air can take a toll on your skin. If you already have dry skin, it’s a sure fire way of making it even worse. It reduces skin moisture, especially when sitting in the midst of an air conditioning unit. This effect is even stronger in the winter (sorry to use the W word) when skin cell turnover is even higher.

Facial mists work to improve skin softness in air conditioned rooms. If you’re traveling this summer, you’ll find that airplanes will be a moisture battlefield for your skin as well. So pack a travel-sized mist. You’ll retain moisture on your face and walk off the plane with an adventure-ready glow. 

Two to Tango

Sprays are a good opportunity to get a 2-for-1 deal. The combo mist is a really popular product, for instance a lot of mists also double as setting spray. And what’s an afternoon spritz without superfoods and anti-inflammatory ingredients? A mist that helps you do more with every pump (like tone and hydrate) is a great way to also consolidate your skincare routine.


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Image via https://truebotanicals.com/.

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