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Something New: Amelia Does Meditation

It’s us again, coming at you hot in the kickoff post of our new January series, Something New! In Something New, each member of the LeCC team will try something they’ve never done before in the spirit of personal exploration and growth. This time, Community Lead & Editor, Amelia, takes on something she’s resisted for years, despite her better judgment: meditation.

Hey everyone, Amelia here. It’s true, I resisted meditation for a long time because a) I hate when people tell me to try something that’s “good for me”, (like, thank you, I can do bad all by myself) and b) I love to rebel against those who tell me to do something good for myself because that’s just who I am as a person and I should probably talk to my therapist about it and not the entire internet. So when I came up with this genius idea, I decided to give in and just go for it.

I resisted meditation for so long because it sounds really boring (sorry) and I love to be constantly entertained. You can always catch me reading, listening to music, or dicking around on the internet in my downtime. That being said, I am also a highly strung and anxious person, I no longer participate in any type of exercise because I’m so tense that I’m ripped. So, sitting down for 20 minutes without thinking about anything sounds like my own personal hell. Not to be overdramatic or anything.

Despite my constant griping, the benefits of regular meditation cannot be ignored. It reduces stress, depression, anxiety, cultivates positive thinking and increased self-awareness.

Thus began the search for the right kind of meditation. A class? Sure, just stick me in a room with strangers while I try to think about nothing, and I have to take off my shoes and pay for it?? Pass. I needed something more transitional. Someone recommended I try the Headspace app so I could try this out from the comfort of my own home. Now we’re cookin’.

Headspace, if you’re unfamiliar, is a guided meditation app. I’m only halfway through their beginner’s course of ten 10-minute sessions, but I definitely feel...chiller (for lack of a better term). I usually wake up in the morning already worrying about something, but I’m finding that my sleep has been deeper and more regular, resulting in less morning frenzy. I guess there’s something about that British male voice reminding me to breathe that really soothes the soul.

Once I complete the 10-day beginner’s course, I’m seriously debating signing up for the yearly subscription. I really enjoy Headspace because there are a decent amount of meditation practices to choose from–it’s not a one-size-fits-all kind of deal. They have practices for anxiety, sleep, work, stress, you name it. I understand that downloading an app and sitting in my house seems really trivial, but, for me, this is a huge step. I’m not an introspective person–never have been–so I’m hoping this seemingly small action is a step towards improving that.

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