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Snuggle Up, Oil Down

Dewy skin is more than in vogue this time of year, it’s elusive. 

Unlike Jennifer Aniston, we can’t all rely on ONE DROP of Aveeno to moisturize our entire body. Battling the winds that threaten to send cracks pulsing across the surface of your skin is no easy job. 

Here’s a pro-tip: layer on your serums and oils from light to heavy. Carry around a medium/heavy oil-based lotion that you can slather on when you feel your skin tighten on your way back to the office from a blustery afternoon delight (*blush*).

One of Our Own: It’s not everyday that you get featured in one of our favorite beauty publications, so we have to share Lanya’s #ITGTopShelfie article on Into the Gloss. She talks about not liking pore strips, her beauty philosophy, and female role models.


Ingredients, decoded

Oils: the good and the bad

Linoleic Oils: Oils that are high in linoleic fatty acids (omega-6) are well-absorbed by the skin and can help with dehydrated, acne-prone skin. These are the same oils that you find in your favorite salmon recipe. The fatty acids in Rosehip oil keep peaches nice and firm (maybe try it on your peach?).

Oil Down: Grape seed oil, Poppyseed oil, Sunflower oil, hemp oil, walnut oil, sesame oil, coconut oil

(not so) Essential Oils: They don’t get their name out of necessity, they simply contain the “essence” of a plant or flower. While their origins may be natural, they can really cause mayhem on your skin and its microbiome. They’re also called volatile oils because their scents are highly aromatic. But your skin can also have a volatile response to some of these oils. Things really pop-off if you don’t dilute these oils, causing itchy, irritated, and flaky skin. Step into the sun wearing bergamot and you could have a real photo-allergic reaction.

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