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Setting the Mood for Your Home

I haven’t read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, nor do I plan to because I thrive in that grey area between utter chaos and anal-retentive cleanliness. All my weird nic-nacs have their place (like the toy BMW my family gave me for my 21st birthday when I asked for Beemer – he lives on top of the fridge. And @ my family, if you’re reading this: really funny, guys, I still haven’t forgotten that) and I do still have The Chair (the one you leave your folded laundry on for a few days), but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Though I say this, when I moved I was very overwhelmed when trying to set the right (I hate this word, I’m blanking on a better one right now) ~vibe~ for my apartment. This is my chance to start over and be that bitch whose house always smells good and has decorative pillows and thriving plants. And since I’m paying so damn much in rent, I wanted it to be a place where I want to be, the place I cancel plans to be.

Bye-bye bad juju:

I did this mostly to supplicate my mom, but I burnt sage and recited a verse she gave me when I moved in. I’m not 100% sold on any of this yet, but as those who know me and love me will attest, I’ll try anything once. Sage dispels negative energies, past traumas and bad experiences from a space, so I truly had nothing to lose.

Plant mom:

I’m admittedly bad at plants, but this past year I’ve done really well at keeping all four of them alive! Plants just add that earthy, lived-in feeling into a home. If you’re like me and not the best plant parent, some of the best plants for you are the following:

Aloe (also good for making some DIY beauty journeys for yourself!)

Devil’s Ivy (an amazing name)

Spider Plant

Ponytail Palm (same, sis)

If you need more, here’s this delightful Buzzfeed article aptly titled, “15 Houseplants That Even Your Dumbass Won’t Kill”.

“I love lamp.”

Overhead lighting is a real bitch. She washes you out, takes up all your electricity budget, and just isn’t super soothing. Personally, I opt for lamp lighting. It’s softer and cozier, and lamps are fucking cute, ok? So many ways to express your personal flair! I see you, Sis Midcentury, but I also see you, Sis Bohemian Rhapsody.

Heaven Scent:

Arguably the most important mood-setting component. You want someone to walk into your home and be like, “My stars, it smells good in here.” But not like, food good – you want good good. We know everyone has different tastes, but since you’re now stuck in the prison of this article that I wrote, I’ll continue to talk about me: I love Le Labo Santal, but I can’t bear its butchering anymore, so I’ve said goodbye to my old friend that I pass on the street daily (because everyone wears it now). Instead, I’ve taken a new approach to scenting my home. Every room has a different scent-scape.

In the living room, I burn Boy Smells’ Cinderose. To me, it has the ideal scent: smokey, sweet, musky, yes. In the bedroom, we have a Dyptique Tubereuse journey: a bit softer, a bit sweeter, who is she? In the bathroom, we have a Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt escape: light, breezy, am I at the beach right now? Guess we’ll never know...

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