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Public Service Announcement: We've rebranded!

Allow me to re-introduce myself…

Slate Beauty and LMNTL are now Le CultureClub. We still hold the same crazy belief that you can love your skin for who and what it is without chasing insane beauty standard. But we’re doing it with a cool new logo, a brand new look.

Our name is our mission. We chose Le CultureClub because it reflects who are and where we hope to go.

Le: because who among us isn’t a little french? #badandbougie 

CultureClub: We’re building this community because we want to change the culture around beauty and skincare in our society. 

The benefit of community is that you can add more voices to the conversation. It’s high time we expanded the definition of beauty and peeled back the layers of marketing brainwashing that has led us to believe that the epitome of beauty doesn’t include freckles, blemishes, red spots or the occasional dry patch.  Let’s leave behind the tired standard and create a new culture.

Culture has a dual meaning for us. We’re interested in the bacteria that live on the skin. For years the prevailing skincare mantra has been about stripping away the dirt and bacteria on the face to promote clear skin. Well, turns out, the industry was wrong about that. This thinking led to products that promote a toxic culture around eliminating the bad, when we should be focusing on creating balance, yin and yang. So we’re cultivating a positive (bacterial) culture.

The Visual Identity

A key focus in developing the new brand identity was to go against the status quo. Instead of sterile white backgrounds with splashes of millennial pink, we chose an eye-catching bold set of colors that evoke feelings of energy and joy, grounded in the subdued hues of nature and human skin.

Our logo is a (very) simplified depiction of a friendly bacteria. It was designed as part of a “family” system that echos the fact there is not just one type of bacteria, as we can no longer assume that all bacteria are bad. We put the emphasis on the (bacterial) culture that we, as a company, look to explore and utilize in our products.

We use the typeface Neusa Next Pro because it’s a distinctive sans serif font that conveys professionalism without the pretension. It’s scientific and geometric, but with a hint of playfulness (like us).

Our layouts are a call-and-response to the other elements in a dynamic environment. Sharp angles are paired with circular curves to balance the geometry of skincare. Photography isn’t retouched. All beauty is celebrated. We love beautiful messes that include glitter, paint, dirt, and a bit of grittiness. We want our community to see themselves celebrated in every touchpoint of our brand.

Our Brand Values

We do things differently. We are mad scientists, adventurous designers, and fearless product developers. Skin is messy. We love that. We don’t obsess over #skingoals or prescribe beauty standards. By equipping our community with the tools to balance and celebrate the skin they’re in we are saying no to the old guard, and a triumphant yes to new possibilities.

Joy, even over perfection

Inclusion, even over mainstream standards

Skin-positive, even over blemish-free

Innovation, even over profitable shortcuts

Keeping it real, even over millennial snake oil

Community, above all.

The Future

We see a future where we all have healthy, enviable skin. We’re not just another skincare company. We care about more than just beauty. This new name reflects our interest in scientific research, in technology, in people. Our realm is the digital and physical spaces where we can commune to break bread and share our glow secrets. Information is power, but we’ll also bring you products, events, and inspiration for cultivating your own magic. Our community will not be confined to the inboxes of the world, but will also spill out into the streets, muddy the feeds of the internet and penetrate the hearts of the non-believers. This is the future of skincare.

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