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Public Mask-urbation

Masking in public. We’ve seen Cher do it (four times that we know of–I see you, Cher), we’ve seen ~influencers~ do it, and if you were on the 2pm KLM flight from JFK to Amsterdam in August, then you’ve seen me do it too. Sorry to Row 11 BTW, you all deserved better. Or did you?

As I learned from asking anyone within a 5-foot radius of me, public masking is a truly polarizing topic. I, for one, am a huge proponent of this activity, but mostly because I’ve lived in NYC for the better part of my life and have come to the realization that no one gives a single fuck what you do. Our cofounder, Lanya, literally wore a sheet mask to the beach, and this is why she deserves to be president. Some of my other friends who I forced into discussing this with me said they just don’t feel comfortable leaving the house like that. They see it as a more private activity, and something to be done very much alone and in the comfort of your own home. I see it as an opportunity to slap on a moisturizing mask and go to the deli–to get things done, to multitask.

Lanya using Glow Recipe's Watermelon Glow Jelly Sheet Mask

Now before you go off, let me say that I do appreciate both sides of this argument. I don’t regularly go out in a full bentonite clay bonanza because that’s a personal moment for your pores when you can see all the oil being sucked out your whole damn face. That’s a stay-at-home kind of journey for us. I prefer a more subtle moisturizing mask, which makes me look shiny, but I’m a grease-slick anyway. I love the Caudalie one, Glossier’s Moon Mask, and the like. The does limit exist for my public masking.

That being said, I am that asshole in a sheet mask on airplanes. I know I’m part of the declasse of air travel, but else am I supposed to do? And I’m pretty sure that the flight attendants have seen worse. I get these really nice ones from a Japanese drugstore and they’re called Babyish, like get. real. So cute! I slap one of those bad boys on and watch something terrible, and then guess what? I look like an IRL baby.

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While we can’t all be as bold as Cher because we’re not, well, Cher, I am loving this moment of putting our self care out there for the world to see (please stop clipping your nails on the subway though, no one needs that). No, I did not wake up like this, and yes, it took me an afternoon of running around lower Manhattan in a face mask to look like I did. They all bore witness to the fact that I am human, and I like to serve up the mundane with a side of masking to make life a little more enjoyable.

(BONUS: Here’s a suggestion for those who wish to pursue a soft foray into public masking: eye masks. Bonus points if you’re like me and you keep them in the fridge like a psycho. If you want a more covert look, pair them with sunglasses and no one will see those undereye bad boys. I’m going out to eat, I’m at the laundromat, I’m doing my taxes! I’m particularly fond of these ones from Amazon.)

Photo: www.karenrosalie.com

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