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Mirror, Mirror: Macy Eleni & The Search For The Fountain Of Youth

What is Mirror Mirror?

Behind that image of you staring into the mirror is an army of products, procedures, and more. Tell us your skincare routine and we'll dissect it to let you know what's working and what's not. We give personalized recommendations to help you meet your skincare goals and then share it so that our whole community benefits. There are so many ways to get better skin and we hope these vulnerable posts will get you closer to your goals.

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Name: Macy Eleni

Occupation: Content Creator/YouTuber/digital thought leader

IG Handle: @macyeleni

Identity: Dancing queen

Location: Los Angeles

Describe your skin: Pretty tame and glazed except for frequent chin visitors.

What are your short-term and long-term skin goals?
I seem to (fingers crossed, knock on wood) have most things under control. I moved from Ohio to Los Angeles a little over two years ago and my skin loved it...she thrives here. However, I'm 26 and in desperate need of some truly great anti-aging products to add into my routine. I'm trying to like get mistaken for my 14-year-old sister because she is a damn fountain of youth!! Kidding...kind of, honestly aging is very cool, I just want to be using the right stuff!

Biggest concern:
I tend to only get unwanted visitors around my chin area and it gets pretty congested sometimes. My sister thinks it's stress but I'd love some expert advice on how to treat/prevent these bad boys.

Say hi to your bad boys for us. There are a few things these could be, but it’s most likely hormonal or from diet choices. A member of our Facebook group got rid of her chin divas by cutting back on her gluten intake and another bid them adieu by applying vitamin C on the daily. Toy around with it and see what produces the best results for you!

AM: I start off using the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser, I've been using it and it alone for over two years and every time I try and stray my skin is just like NO. Then I'll lather on whatever gel based moisturizer I'm into at the time, right now I'm really jiving with the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel (keep it in the fridge and my skin just eats it up, I love it). Next up, my Origins Plantscriptions Anti-Aging Power Eye Cream (not sure if I love but it's working) and then SPF, usually Glossier Invisible Shield. My favorite part...Leo Oil (obvi), the smell is so calming and it leaves my face resembling a glazed Krispy Kreme and some birthday cake Balm Dotcom is ALWAYS on my lips.

PM: Not too exciting at all. I don't wear any makeup, except Glossier Boy Brow...so I don't have much to wash off at the end of the day. I'll shower and Milky Jelly Cleanser again and Glossier Solution if I feel I need it that day. I then use the same Hydro Boost Moisturizer (could use a good night cream), Leo Oil again and Balm Dotcom...again.

Twenty-six is a perfect time to hunt down your perfect night cream. To get your anti-aging goals met, you should find a cream with a touch of retinol to minimize fine lines and help maintain your youthful glow. We love aging, but we have the tools to slow her down. Might we suggest Ole Henriksen’s newest Sleeping Créme?

If it's a mask kind of evening, depending on what I need I love to use Glossier Moon Mask or Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud (purifying black mask).

Want to see if any of Macy's products will work for you? Head to RateYourRoutine.com!

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