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Mirror, Mirror: Hannah Beckham, The Multi-Hyphenate With A Secret Australian Ingredient

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Name: Han

Occupation: Student/freelance writer/part-time at a small retail shop

IG Handle: @hannahbeckham

Identity: Female, 23

Location: Orlando, FL

Describe your skin:
Normal to dry and sensitive

Short term / long term goals:
Skin that's pH balanced always, and skin that IS healthy, not just skin that LOOKS healthy

Biggest concern:
Dark spots/scabs from popped pimples (yikes it's bad I know)

AM: Youth To The People Cleanser, Dr. Roebuck's Tassie Anti-Pollution Serum, First Aid Beauty Daily Oil-Free Moisturizer, Supergoop Everyday SPF 50.

Hell yess sunscreen! Gotta keep that skin protected under the southern sun (or any sun, really). However, the Tassie serum is super interesting. Let me start out by saying that the Australians know their ingredients and Dr. Roebuck’s is an amazing brand in general with clean ingredients and a ton of product variety, so it’s definitely worth a browse. The Tassie serum includes an ingredient called myramaze, which protects the skin from dehydration, strengthens the skin barrier, protects against blue light and reduces redness. WOW. If your goal is skin that really is healthy, this is a great product with good-for-you ingredients.

PM: Caudalie Foaming Cleanser, Dr. Roebuck's True Blue Serum, Leo Oil, Boscia Sake Balm [discontinued], First Aid Beauty Moisturizer or La Mer Gel Cream. Occasionally I'll use Kiehl's Avocado Eye Cream in the AM and First Aid Beauty Overnight Eye Balm in the PM.

We all know La Mer is absolutely legendary, but after doing a deeper dive into their ingredients, we saw some questionable ones, like mineral oil. While the Gel Cream is mineral oil-free, it does contain limonene and linalool. These are typically added to products for fragrance, but both are highly sensitizing ingredients that can cause skin irritation and dryness. This product might be taking away from your overall goals, so we might reconsider this one.

Want to see if Hannah's products might work for you? Head over to RateYourRoutine.com!

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