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Microneedling: What the Kardashians don’t know, as told by NYU Professor

Dr. Anna Karp is a double-board-certified Dermatologist based in New York. She is a professor of Dermatology at NYU, sees patients of her own at the Skin Institute of New York, and recently took over our instagram this weekend!

She’s shared her know-how in interviews with BET and Capsule, so we’re lucky to snag her for our modest newsletter.  We interviewed this certified skin professional about one of the most popular dermatological procedures today. Ever wonder what’s behind Kim Kardashian’s bloody facial? Well the doctor is in.

Interview with Anna

1. Tell us about why you decided to become a dermatologist.

I decided to become a dermatologist because as a medical student, I fell in love with the amount of variety in the specialty.  In a given day, I do laser procedures, surgeries, cosmetic procedures and see a variety of medical concerns. 

2. What are some of the most common procedures your patients are asking for? What do they do for your skin?

Recently patients are loving microneedling with or without PRP which stands for Platelet Rich Plasma.  It is many times more effective than the derma rollers you can buy online;microneedling puts collagen production into overload and rejuvenates your skin.  The waymicroneedling works is with small device that has thirteen needles at the tip and operates electronically.  For this procedure, I typically apply topical numbing cream for twenty minutes which makes the procedure easier to tolerate.  The device goes over the skin multiple times in different directions creating a controlled injury.  In-between passes, a serum or platelet rich plasma is applied and is able to pass into the dermis because of the channels created by the device.  The channels stay open for about twenty minutes so we apply a hydrating sheet mask after the procedure until the pores close.You will notice a radiant glow within a few days and start seeing acne scars disappear in place of collagen rejuvenation over the course of a month. 

3. What advice do you give to patients who want to build a new skincare routine from scratch?

This regimen is something I will tailor slightly to address my patient's skin concerns ex. dark spots and acne. I find this add on approach is helpful because we often have time for only one item!

4. What is your skin philosophy? How can our readers build relationship with their skin?

My skin philosophy is to keep it simple! I see a lot of patients over exfoliating their skin and it makes it 3x worse.  I recommend only exfoliating one time a week.  I like the Clarisonic face brush.

5. What is your skincare routine?

I use an antioxidant serum by Skinbetter called Alto before applying Eltamd UV Clear sunscreen on my face.  I wash my skin once a day with Neutrogena Salicylic acid cleanser.  At night, I apply Skinbetter's Alpha retinol cream.  

A bit of real talk: I don't ever tell anyone not to use products if they like them and they are helping their skin.  For instance people love SKII toner and I have seen zero results from it.

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