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LeCC Gift Guide HIBERNATION NATION: The Living Room Edition

Are you ready….to stay the eff inside? Because we are. So ready, that we’ve dedicated our entire gift guide to staying home for the holidays. Sure, you could leave to go to your weird uncle’s holiday party, but why not skip everything and hibernate. Over the next few weeks, we’re continuing to share our wishlists with everything you need to never leave the house again. Room. By. Room.


Ah, the heart of the home. And home is where the Netflix is.

Get you loungewear that can do it all. I sang Naadam’s praises before, and this is no exception. Don’t move from the couch in this Naadam cashmere hoodie and sweatpant set. A CASHMERE HOODIE. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Should you decide to be extra (why not??), grab an Offhours Home Coat. Yeah, a coat for your home. Also not a drill. It’s like wearing a sleeping bag, but also v chic.

While lounging in the aforementioned attire, Ziip! It’s priceyyyy but very high on my wishlist. It’s a high-frequency device with ~gold~ conducting gel that has an app with “treatments” for different concerns. The longest treatment is 12 minutes, and they range from targeting acne to hyperpigmentation–all from the comfort of your couch.

Read some books! Stay learnéd and woke! Stay inside! Some of the faves around LeCC are:

Becoming by Michelle Obama (Queen of life, naturally)

Cork Dork by Bianca Bosker (learn about wine and stop drinking Chateau Diana)

My Year of Rest and Relaxation by Ottessa Moshfegh

Less by Andrew Sean Greer

A super chunky knit throw for all those Netflix marathons, you silly goose.

A tarot deck that doubles as art. This deck by Serpentfire is amazingly beautiful, and you'll never want to stop reading them. If you're new to tarot, Serpentfire also has a stunning e-book that guides you through.

Make your living room smell like a winter wonderland with Redhead by Boy Smells. With notes of frankincense, saffron, redwood, poppy, and pomelo, you’ll think you have a bevy of sweet-smelling winter plants instead of just your succulents that keep dying for some reason.

Check out last week's Kitchen Edition, and stay tuned for next week's installment!

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