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LeCC Gift Guide HIBERNATION NATION: The Kitchen Edition

Are you ready….to stay the eff inside? Because we are. So ready, that we’ve dedicated our entire gift guide to staying home for the holidays. Sure, you could leave to go to your weird uncle’s holiday party, but why not skip everything and hibernate. Over the next 4 weeks, we’re sharing our wishlists with everything you need to never leave the house again. Room. By. Room.


Arguably the most underrated room of the household. Well, in the age of Seamless anyway. But here are some things to consider purchasing for when you need minimal human contact:

Try cooking for once in your life! (Sorry, that’s me @ me) Go back to the basics with The Joy of Cooking. Someone gave this to me as a housewarming present and it’s given me endless hours of joy...while cooking. It has all the recipes you know and love, but it’s also surprisingly informative. The correct way to melt butter? Sure, lay it on me!

If you’re more of a love it and leave it kind of person (or know someone who is), consider, for a moment, the Instant Pot. Dump a bunch of shit in there, and then go about your daily hibernation activities (ahem, sleeping). Come back a few hours later, BAM, chili.

But it’s also about the journey and not the destination, so think about a KitchenAid mixer. Hear me out… It can do everything: mix dough, chop stuff, make PASTA. In the off chance that you don’t discover your new dream of becoming a pastry chef, you can mix some homemade face masks...

Get lit! [Disclaimer: please only get lit if you are 21+, otherwise go engage in something more wholesome! Do your homework! Call your mom! She misses you!]  I recently became aware of the existence of Ketel One’s Grapefruit Rose vodka and nothing has been the same. And yes, it does taste as bougie as it sounds, but it’s delicious. Truly the perfect stay-at-home vodka–great in a cocktail, great with sparkling water. Sip on this while you wander around in your PJs.

Is all this drinking and eating giving you a serious case of ye olde puffy face? Give yourself the gift of a $12 ice roller. Stick it in the freezer and roll away while you sip your beverage of choice.

Tryna get more chill?? I’ve been anxious since I entered this world, so in an effort to calm my tits, I’ve been ~experimenting~ with CBD. I was sucked in by the branding of Not Pot, and their product doesn’t disappoint. I keep these gummies by my coffee maker so I remember to take them every day. Also, they taste like strawberries so what are you really losing here?

Sparkling water is my love language. Actually. My Secret Santa even knew to get me a 12-pack, and for this, I'd like to thank them. I'd also like to put it into the universe that I want a SodaStream so I can have on-demand sparkling water, and not need to lug cases from the grocery store in my noodle arms. Plus, you can use it for everything! Thirsty? Sparkling water. Need a mixer? Sparkling water. Spill something on your couch? Uh huh, honey. SodaStream comes with a reusable bottle so you can a) save the world and b) stop crushing cans on your head like a frat boy (just me? Ok).

Are you that bitch who loves iced coffee even if it's 32 degrees out? Same, sis. Enter the Hario Cold Brew Coffee Maker. So easy, so necessary.

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