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LeCC Gift Guide HIBERNATION NATION: The Bedroom Edition

Are you ready….to stay the eff inside? Because we are. So ready, that we’ve dedicated our entire gift guide to staying home for the holidays. Sure, you could leave to go to your weird uncle’s holiday party, but why not skip everything and hibernate. Over the next few weeks, we’re continuing to share our wishlists with everything you need to never leave the house again. Room. By. Room.


Truly where the magic happens, so why even bother leaving?

Just have an orgasm, ok? It makes your skin clearer and improves your mood, and that’s really why we’re all here. There’s a lot of noise out there, so just head to Unbound for the Squish. You can thank us later.

If you’re still feeling sexy, slip into this slip (see what I did there?). All of Savage X Fenty is hot shit, and once you decide to go outside, you can also wear this over tights. For those of us that enjoy a full-on pajama journey (PAJAMA JOURNEY, BAND NAME, I CALL IT), opt for Lunya’s Washable Silk Set.

Make your bed a place you never want to leave. Get some Nollapelli pillowcases and sheets to improve your skin health while you snooze and a cute duvet cover to go over your Buffy comforter. Sleeping beauty ain’t got shit on us.

Kind of an odd suggestion, but go with it. I enjoy laying around dripping in gold (ok, if by dripping you mean one or two special pieces, then sure). I’m one of those people who doesn’t have sensitive skin when it comes to skincare, but when it comes to jewelry, I’m wrecked. If it’s not straight up gold or silver, my body rejects it. Plus, you can sleep in gold! I’m a huge fangirl for The Last Line, which is quality gold without taking itself too seriously. On my wishlist right now? This fun safety pin moment to satiate both my inner goth teen and materialistic present self.

In the spirit of being truly extra, snag a mini-fridge from Amazon to keep your must-haves in while you lay around in bed. It can store some sheet masks, eye masks, a jade roller, a beer, anything your heart desires!

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