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LeCC Gift Guide HIBERNATION NATION: The Bathroom Edition


If you’re like me, then you spend the majority of your time in the bathroom. It’s warm, it’s where the skincare is, it’s where the bath is. I could actually spend hours in there just messing around and never get bored. In true hibernation form, let’s dive into ways you can use your time in the bathroom both creatively and usefully.

I’ve recently done a re-framework my mind, and am now choosing to love baths. Previously, I viewed baths as just stewing in your own broth, but, hey, I’m not a germaphobic 12-year-old anymore. I now look forward to a nice toasty bath with a glass of pinot noir and NAO playing softly in the background. To elevate this experience, buy a bath pillow, seriously. You’ll never want to leave the bath.

This wouldn’t be a real gift guide without Lush Bath Bombs, would it? For some festive bathing, we recommend the following: Frozen and Snowman Bomb Bomb, but if you’re looking for a less festive scent scape, try the Perle De Sel, Metamorphosis, or Avobath. While you simmer, plop on a Joanna Vargas sheet mask. She has so many good ones, and this Glow To Go Mask Set lets you try a few out before committing to your favorite.

Lean into the mood with a bathroom candle. There’s a reason Jo Malone is out in these streets, and I’m pretty sure their Wood Sage & Sea Salt scent is to blame. It’s the perfect scent for taking the edge off and maybe dozing off in a warm bath (but safely because now you have a bath pillow).

To really pimp out your shower, grab some fresh eucalyptus from your farmers market. While you steam in the shower, let the healing aroma surround you and heal any oncoming colds that may have been lurking.

So you have the bathroom all to yourself for unlimited hours, what are you going to do? Shave your entire body (or select areas, totally up to you!). The best razor money can buy is the Oui Shave Razor, which a) looks sick and b) gives you the closest shave without any irritation. The only decision you need to make is whether to get the Shave Creme or Neroli Shave Oil or both. Get both.

Stop using towels you bought in college! There’s a whole new world that awaits you–no shade to Target Room Essentials or anything. I know we all love a fluffy towel moment but consider getting down with some Turkish towels. They’re actually more absorbent, so less time being damp and more time dancing around to Diana Ross in your bathroom.

One last thing to leave you with. I don’t do anything unless I can have fun doing it, so add a little zest into your bathroom with this Jeff Goldblum shower curtain. I'm not even going to put a picture here because it's a surprise. You’re welcome.

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