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Baalm's Green Plan

The reality is that our home planet needs our action now and a plan for the future. We want to help every brand on our platform become a green beauty brand. From sourcing ingredient suppliers that are earth conscious to designing packaging that can be used again and again and again.

So we're starting with a few baby steps as a small company. And as our size and impact on the industry grow, so will our commitment to serving the planet wherever we can.

What we're doing today:

  1. No free expedited shipping
  2. No pre-paid returns: Online shopping is better for the environment than traditional retail, but not if you send back a lot of return items in the mail.
  3. Consolidations and streamlining of packaging
  4. 100% reusable packaging (70% of the waste in the beauty industry is from packaging)
  5. Recycling returned products

We've focused on areas where the beauty industry puts a strain on our environmental resources. Excessive shipping brought on by low rates and free expedited orders creates inefficiencies that have an impact on greenhouse gases. Medium-to-heavy delivery trucks make up 25% of transportation in America. And in 2016, transportation became the top producer of carbon dioxide emissions.

Packaging that seeks to dazzle ends up in landfills and never decompose. So we're working to streamline packaging in the future by working directly with our brands. And in the event that you chose to return a product, for whatever reason, we'll work to give it a second life. These are just a few ways that we can begin to serve our planet as we continue to build our community.

Where our  is headed:

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