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How to deal with your facial fuzz in the safest way

Facial hair is controversial. Society tells women to be magically hair-free, but let’s face it -- removing hair is the worst. It takes time and effort we could be using to do other things: work, read, take over the world etc. PLUS, it can hurt, leave those pesky little red bumps, and affect our skin.

We’re in LOVE with these women fighting stereotypes and embracing their facial hair.

If you flaunt your facial hair, we love you. If you hate your facial hair and want to remove it, we love you too -- and we’re here to help! This is your guide to facial hair removal, and how to care for your skin while doing so!


Lemon juice, sugar and water. That’s it. Sugaring has been used for many years in the Middle East as an effective way to remove hair. It’s easy, fast AND exfoliates your skin. If you get this treatment professionally done, a technician will us the heated mixture and spread it on your skin, wait for it to cool a bit and rip the mixture off the skin, taking the hair with it. Some say this is less painful than waxing.

Sugaring is safe to do each month -- that’s how long the results typically last! We recommend prepping your skin simply by cleansing. Using baby powder before will help the mixture better grasp the hairs. Expect your skin to be red, and some temporary bumps if you have sensitive skin.

Follow-up with aloe to prevent those little red bumps and sooth any irritation that may happen. Don’t exfoliate for at least one day before you sugar, to avoid over-exfoliation. BUT, be sure to exfoliate between treatments to prevent ingrown hairs. We don't recommend sugaring over active acne.

You can also do this at home! Here is a guide to sugaring at home.


Waxing is very similar to sugaring, has similar ingredients and you can expert similar results. There are two types of waxing: strip wax and hard wax. With strip wax, the honey, sugar and lemon mixture is spread on the skin, and a cloth is placed over the wax, the cloth and wax cool, then the cloth is removed, taking the wax and your hair with it. Hard wax is spread on the skin, and when it cools, the wax hardens and the wax itself is ripped off, taking the hair with it.

Both of these types of waxing typically last as long as sugaring and is safe to do monthly. We recommend the same tips for prepping your skin as sugaring and expect similar results. We also don’t recommend waxing over active acne.

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Shaving your face is becoming increasingly popular -- yes you read that right! It’s exactly what it sounds like. More and more women are discovering the benefits of shaving: it exfoliates your skin while removing hair, AND makes your foundation go on super smooth. We recommend shaving as often as your hair grows back: some women shave each day before makeup, some every week or month! This is up to you.

Prep your skin by cleansing and drying completely. Having completely dry skin is really important. Follow-up shaving with moisturizing your face and applying aloe if you feel like you need it.  Do NOT shave your face if you have active acne. This will rip off the top of your pimples -- it’s not fun, trust us!


Everyone has a pair of tweezers -- they’re perfect for emergency hair removal, they’re precise and you can do it literally anytime, anywhere. The results typically last 30 days and plucking is safe to do whenever, wherever. Be cautious if plucking over areas with active acne, but if you’ve gotta remove your hair, we recommend plucking gently.

Taking care of your skin is a luxury and a necessity. Here are our picks for spicing up your wellness routine this week, making the process more intentional. If you indulge in #LeLeisure, share on Instagram with that hashtag and tag us so we can share!

1. Affirmation: Pay attention to the subtleties of your body. Does your heart beat quicker? Explore. Does your skin feel tight? Explore. Does your breath change? Explore. I am okay with just exploring, not judging.

2. The Millennial Hair Brand: We're obsessed with Billie, the hair / shaving brand that is actually telling you shave only if you want to. They even have a Project Body Hair campaign that celebrates the hair that is all over our bodies. Armpits and toes, anyone?

3. Lola does Sex: Have you heard? Lola, the organic tampon company, has ventured into the world of sex. Similar to their tampons, their lube, condoms, and cleansing wipes are formulated without parabens, and made with trusted ingredients. Get ittttt and add it to your subscription!

*Photo via Billie

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