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Can You Really Shrink Your Pores?

Pores are a fact of life. I have them, you have them, even Beyonce has them (well, TBC, but scientifically, yes, she should have them), but magazines blur them out and so many products claim to “reduce pores”. Why does the industry hate our pores so much? Well, for one, they want to take your money (duh). But not to fear, as with most things skincare-related, we are here to set the record straight. Can you really shrink your pores? Should you even try?

Sorry to disappoint you, but you actually can’t shrink your pore size with at-home treatments, but you can reduce the appearance of pores. So not all hope is lost. The reason your pores are more noticeable is because they are clogged. This makes sense since blackheads be chillin, contributing nothing to society and stretching your pores. RUDE. Don’t worry though, your pores are resilient and will return to normal once cleared of the blockage.

Aside from the extraction here and there, some daily practices for your #freethepore movement:

Incorporate some peels into your routine!

Exfoliation helps cell turnover, which helps clear the debris built-up in pores. Some friendly exfoliants include glycolic, lactic and retinol. May we recommend Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Pads for a daily option?

Wear some your sunscreen!

Why do I still have to tell you this? You’re making me sound like my mother! But seriously, sun damage causes clogged pores (along with many other truly offensive side-effects). Be sure to wear some SPF like Elta MD’s fan favorite, and limit your sun exposure (wear a hat, they’re making a comeback). The Wing has some great options for casual businesswomen.

Put down that extractor!

Unless you are a trained professional… Popping a zit or extracting a blackhead incorrectly could damage your pores and make them (dun, dun, dunnnnnn) even larger. See an esthetician or dermatologist for extractions and leave that business to the pros.

If you have some extra cash that’s burning a hole in your wallet (hello, tax return), some treatments like Fraxel ($900) can make your pores look smaller through collagen production. Fraxel is a laser that “wounds” the skin, causing it to produce extra collagen and reveal a more even complexion. It looks pretty insane for a few days, so maybe schedule your appointment before the weekend.

I am also here to tell you that having zero pores is weird. Embrace your pores! It means you’re alive and THRIVING. You don’t need to lay down $900 on a treatment (but that is totally your prerogative and I’m somewhat jealous of your bags) to shrink your pores. Follow more pore-positive angels on the internet! I’m a huge fan of Katie Jane Hughes and Dena Stern of Leo With Cancer, both of who consistently remind us all that pores are cool and so are you.

Featured Image: @justinemarjan

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