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Hormones & Ingredients: What's The Connection?

We’re all about keeping things fun. Heck, we need that during these trying times, but we are first and foremost about transparency. We think you have the right to know the ingredients that go into your skincare and onto your body. That’s why, after watching Toxic Beauty, we decided to further investigate the connection between hormones and ingredients.

Let’s start by saying that the US has some of the most fast-and-loose safety regulations around skincare out of any country in the world. While the EU has banned over 1400 ingredients from being used in personal products, the US FDA has only banned 11. 11!!!!

The average person uses about 12 products a day with 168 harmful chemicals in them.

Among the most dangerous of these ingredients are EDCs: Endocrine-disrupting chemicals. These throw your hormones out of whack and come with some pretty disturbing side effects.

Your hormone levels are governed by glands and signals traded throughout your endocrine system. The endocrine system includes the thyroid, ovaries, adrenals, pancreas, hypothalamus and pituitary glands which work to produce, transport and break down hormones. When EDCs are introduced into your system, they interfere with the normal function of your hormones and their glands which can lead to weight gain, diabetes, cancers, high estrogen, low sperm count and infertility. Yes, all from just using your skincare products!

This is why it is so important to be an informed consumer and rigorously check your ingredients.

We created RateYourRoutine.com so you can always have a tool to check the safety of your skincare. We also want you to have all the facts, so below are the ingredients to look out for:

Formaldehyde: Yes, like the stuff they use to preserve dead bodies. Gross! Well, it preserves products too. It is usually found in hair dye, nail polishes and removers, fake eyelash glue, and shampoo. This ingredient has been banned worldwide except in, you guessed it, the US.

Parabens: Another preservative. It’s a major EDC and has estrogen-like properties that correlate with breast cancer tumors.

Fragrance: Artificial scents are hormone disruptors that can also cause dizziness, asthma, allergies, and headaches. Try looking for natural scents with essential oils!

Lead: I truly cannot believe we are still in these streets using LEAD after we literally have lead testing for paint. But according to the FDA, it’s still totally chill to put on your body–NOT. Lead can cause cancer and is found in everyday products such as hair dye, lipstick, and eyeliner.

Mercury: An irritant and allergen that, over time, messes with your nervous system and brain.

Oxybenzone: Found in chemical sunscreens, oxybenzone causes allergies, hormone irregularities, and cellular damage.

Ethanolamines aka DEA, TEA, MEA: In studies, these have been linked to cancer. They’re used as foaming agents and emulsifiers in shampoos, body washes and soaps.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Sodium Ethel Sufate aka SLS, SLE: Another foamy cargenogen that was an industrial-strength cleaner in a past life.

Diethylene Glycol aka DEG: This also messes with the central nervous system and is toxic to your kidney and liver. Be careful because this is sometimes hidden in glycerin and propelyne glycol.

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