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Baalm’s Guide to Rejuvenating Hangover Skin

As #HotGirlSummer comes to an end and #CozygirlFall approaches, I’ve been reflecting on my…. life choices. We’ve all been there before: sometimes an evening of countless whiteclaws means waking up the next morning with a major headache, or even worse, a full face of smeared makeup you neglected to remove before crashing into bed. 

Whether you woke up this morning cringing or laughing after reviewing your instastory recounting your night out, you’re probably going to spend your day nursing yourself back to health. When it comes to a throbbing head or an unsettled stomach, everyone seems to  have a hangover remedy that works best for them. But what about when it comes to skincare? 

Alcohol dehydrates and inflames skin, often causing redness or puffiness. Long term, drinking excessively can deprive the skin of vital vitamins and nutrients. To make matters worse, alcohol is known to age skin (gasp). All of this on top of forgetting to remove your makeup? (double gasp). Sleeping with makeup can clog your pores and nothing is worse than waking up with a hangover AND a breakout. 

Ok, so now the regret may be settling in… But don’t worry, it’s not too late to repent for our sins and repair some of the damage done to our complexion. 

Here’s our guide to refreshing your hangover skin and tips for minimizing damage next time you opt for a night out (or a night in with a bottle of wine, we’re not judging.):

The Night Of

Pregame your skin-game

Start the night before. Prep your skin before going out and compensate for alcohol-induced dehydration by slathering your skin with moisturizers to ensure your skin is in top shape before you put a drink in your hand. If you have any pesky spots or textured areas, exfoliate. Especially if you choose to put on makeup, it’s important to cleanse and clear your pores before any extra gunk from the evening make its way deep into your pores. 

Let’s be Clear

Sugary cocktails are known to make breakouts worse. Dehydrating alcohol mixed with sugary juice or soda might be delicious, but this combination can also cause skin swelling and redness, and ultimately, premature aging. So I hate to say it: but stick to clear liquor. What makes the skin effects of alcohol worse is what you pair it with, so skip the cranberry juice or soda next time. 

Pro tip: Double cup love- alcohol in one hand, water in the other. Alternate between sips! Sound like a lot of liquid? Great, you’ll flush out the toxins earlier!

The Morning After

Drink Up

Drinking lots of water is one of the most effective things you can do for your hungover skin. When the body becomes dehydrated, vital organs are given priority. So connective tissues like collagen are being compromised and stop receiving water when supply is low, which can cause wrinkles and cracks in the skin. 


Like a Gatorade for your skin, a super moisturizing mask or cream will help infuse some moisture back into your skin. When you’re dealing with a hangover, your skin can feel dry and dull. Use your favorite nutrient-rich moisturizer to brighten your skin for that “I am never drinking again” glow. After, spritz a moisturizing toner to rebalance your skin’s tone and reduce any splotchy pigmentation from the night before.


Re-energize and lift your skin by stimulating lymphatic drainage (aka de-puffing). Use your baalm gua sha, your favorite jade roller, or just your clean hands to massage your skin to help remove waste and toxins from the bodily tissues and visibly reduce swelling.

Keep Cool

Tired eyes and dark circles are the most obvious tell-tale sign of hungover skin. To brighten your under eyes, use a chilled under eye mask to visibly reduce swelling and brighten bags. The cold temperature, along with the nutrient-rich treatment, is key because cold can promote micro circulation, which can improve skin-cell turnover for bringing your tired eyes back to life.

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