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Eating for Your Skin

Our skin is a reflection of our internal environments. When you have an allergic reaction, your skin will tell you about it. In adolescence pimples are a sign of maturity, and sadly puberty. So when it comes to what we put inside our bodies, the food we eat, there’s no surprise that some of it shows up on our skin.

Our latest social media takeover features an oat crumble and a skin routine using The Ordinary products. Check out our Story Highlights at @slatebeauty on Instagram!It’s not as simple as eating a Godiva bar and seeing a fresh blemish the next day. It’s more like the way you feed your dog wet food to make their coats shinier. 

There’s an intricate balance in the connection between the food you eat, your gut microbiome, and your skin microbiome (more on that some other time). One way or another your diet finds its way to the surface of your skin.

Shauna Faulisi, nutritionist to the stars (like Gina Rodriguez and Lara Pia Arrobio) divulges her secrets to eating for your skin. She also shares a skin-positive smoothie recipe, and her personal skin routine in our first interview for the year. 

The gist: eat healthy fats, drink water, avoid excess sugar, and dairy leads to inflammation.

Interview with Shauna

Tell us about what you do. What is Soul Wellness Method, and why do you focus on clear skin and slow aging?

I'm a holistic nutritionist, celebrity chef, and retreat curator. I get the honor of working with clients all over the world to help them in their wellness journey.

I used to work in dermatology selling skincare products to doctors so I really understand how beautiful one feels when they look good! There are many wonderful ways to help the skin, which is our largest organ and it starts with taking care of what goes inside the body. I know how powerful this can be so I really followed that. 

What food/ingredients can help boost the glow of your skin?

Focus on good fats like avocado, extra virgin olive oil, whole eggs, coconut and lots of water. These foods will naturally regulate your hormone levels and you'll stop craving the bad stuff like sugar that wreaks havoc on the skin. 

How much of what we eat actually ends up on our skin? What should we watch out for?

SUGAR! My clients often see a direct correlation between the foods their eating and what’s going on on their skin -- dehydration, breakouts, redness, and lackluster appearance. Dairy raises insulin levels which contributes to breakouts. Some people do fine on raw dairy but it's not legal in every state. Personally, I don't mess with it, and strongly advise my clients against it. 

What's your current skincare routine?

I keep it really simple. I'm pretty low maintenance but I like good products. I'm not 100% nontoxic in my skincare and makeup. It's really tough to be and I've accepted that I'm not there in my journey yet.

I don't believe that face wash should be expensive because it stays on your skin for such a short period of time. Currently, I'm using Himalaya's face wash and find it wonderful. I'll also use my body wash by Erbaviva which is so gentle and perfect.

I love face oils and often use them according to the scent I'm feeling. Herbivore Botanicals,PaiFrench Girl, & Kypris. I always follow with a moisturizer -- currently I'm using Alchimie Forever.

At night I add products from iS Clinical and Skinceuticals to the regime. 

What's one nutrition tip or lifestyle tweak that you'd like to suggest to our readers, who have goals of achieving that healthy skin glow?

Drink. more. water. 

What's a go-to skin-health recipe that you'd like to share? 

My hormone-balancing Glow Smoothie! (see recipe below)

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