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Skincare for a Drying Winter (with seasonal calendar!)

Your skin needs different things in each season. We know this, and you feel this as the weather changes. But how do you prep your skin for each season? What products do you put in your winter skincare routine versus the summer? Well, for one, your skin will let you know what’s working right away, what it needs, and what it doesn’t. In the winter we’re battling flaking, and in the summer it’s an issue of caking.

But in case you have a hard time listening and connecting with your outer layer, we’ve developed a guide for your skin, round the calendar. During the winter months, the sun is on a bit of a hiatus, which makes it the best time to do a [chemical] peel. This harsh treatment works away at the dead-end top layers of the skin. This also includes the important and protective fatty layer (so sunscreen is a must!).

We’ve designed a skin calendar -- print it out and hang it wherever you mask. We’ll be here all year but today we’ll round out the discussion with a deep dive into the winter skincare routine.

Winter Skincare

We’ve discussed a number of blustery weather remedies to keep your skin moist and healthy. From face oils like Argan oil to sleeping with a humidifier, you really have to be proactive during this time. Your focus should be adding and retaining moisture. Here are five remedies to focus on:

  1. Face oils: Oils penetrate deep into the layers of your skin to boost moisture.
  2. Moisturizers: Finish off your routine with a few of your favorite ones. Layer up, just like you do with your clothing.
  3. Humidify: You need to set up your room to accommodate your skin. Face mists aren't enough; you need to sleep in it. A trusty humidifier will do the trick. Plus you'll be double thankful on those sick days.
  4. Peels: Winter is the time to work on you and an even better for a hard reset for your skin. Reduced sun exposure is very important when doing a peel you don't want to have UV rays penetrating too deeply into your cutaneous layers. Make sure to use lots of sunscreen after the procedure to protect you yourself from serious damage.
Skincare regimen calendar tips for winter, spring, summer, fall

‍Care for the Winter Face

If you’re new here, you’re new to our obsession with peels. This is our favorite winter skincare tip. We have found time and time again, that every skin type can benefit from a peel. Peeling is the best way to take care of dry skin in the winter. The surface layer is removed with all the dead and dry skin exiting with it.

Types of Peels

Self-peeling: Chemical exfoliation is the “DIY” option for peels. You can buy these over the counter from many familiar brands. Use these just once a week to gradually work towards more even, glowing skin.

Chemical peeling: From mild alpha-hydroxy acid to the real deal trichloroacetic acid, there are degrees to a chemical peel. These are administered by a trained physician and work to achieve even-colored, and even-textured skin. These are the most high-risk peels and should be taken with care.

*Studies show combining a chemical peel with microneedling will penetrate deep and produce the best results.

Enzyme peeling: These peels target cell re-growth in addition to shepherding away the dead cells on the most superficial layers of your skin.

The key to embracing peels is to conjure up the feeling that you get when you watch those blackhead removing videos (I know you do this too). That’s exactly what you’re doing -- but with your dead skin cells! Here are a few that I have tried and recommend:

  • Caudalie Glycolic Peel: A peel that is both hydrating and effective is a match made in heaven. This one is great for sensitive skin, and glycolic acid is known for helping to tighten pores and even complexion.
  • Skin Inc Pure Revival Peel: This peel is cool because as you wash it off, you can feel your dead skin coming off as well. It is gentle on the skin for how efficient it is.
  • Drunk Elephant Babyfacial: This is my go-to, mostly because I can FEEL it working every time. I am always glowing right after I wash it off.
  • Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Peel: I love using this peel in the fall and winter months (because of the smell). I can feel it working, and after my pumpkin pie is done baking, my face is radiant! This one may be harsher on sensitive skin.

*But our skin sensitivities can be different … so take this list at your own risk. It is recommended to always try one of these chemical exfoliants first, before bringing the full bottle home.

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