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Dry January: A Story of Drinking & Self Care, Part 1

If there are two things I’m known for they are 1) my dry sense of humor and 2) my love of alcohol. Seriously, three out of four of my family members gave me some sort of booze for the holiday, and for that, I will be truly grateful. Until now, that is.

I, Amelia Sabra, lover of all things give me a buzz, am embarking on what is referred to as “Dry January”, or as I’d like to refer to as “31 Days of Seltzer”. There are several reasons I am embarking on this journey, one of them being that ever since I turned 25 my hangovers are increasingly worse with each passing day (seriously, one glass of red wine and I’m basically useless the next day). The second reason is that my liver probably needs a break, so I plan on doing some ~cleansing~. And the third is that, for someone whose literal job it is to write about skin health, my skin is most likely suffering from those glasses of Pinot. Alcohol causes inflammation and dehydration in the skin along with restless sleep–all of which make your skin look like actual crap. Cutting back (or cutting out, in this case) alcohol results in less puffy, brighter, clearer and more even skin. I’m very much game on this account.

Aside from the obvious skin benefits of not drinking (and all the money I’ll save), I’m really interested to see how I spend my weekend nights (I really don’t tend to drink during the week, but I do love a bubble bath red wine moment). The truth is, New York is a very alcohol-enthusiastic city–you can literally spike anything here, and most social interactions happen over a glass of *pick your poison here*. Luckily, I have friends doing it with me, and what I do know is that I’ll be keeping all sparkling water companies in the green during the month of January.

I’m writing this on January 1st, so I’m clearly off to a good start. At the end of the month, I’ll be sharing the second part of this journey with all of my learnings and words of wisdom (lol). If you’ve ever done Dry January, help a sister out and leave a comment below with what you’ve learned or some fun activities I should try to keep on the straight and narrow!

See you at the end of the month!

P.S. If you want to take the journey with me, I’m documenting my Dry January on Instagram.

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