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Dash the Ash

Everyone gets ashy, that’s right EVERYONE! 

For some it may be more obvious to the outside world, but we all know when our skin is running low on hydration. You can feel your scales coming in as the skin tightens. The ultimate test is stepping outdoors in the cold to see how truly moisturized (or not) you skin is!

November is the beginning of dry skin season so we’re going to spend the next few weeks investigating the ingredients that will help us through this dry spell. Our bodies are well-equipped to produce natural lubricants -- just look south *blush*. Or you can look inward, to your bones where hyaluronic acid is produced.

Sometimes your body needs a little help getting a jump start, and many of our late fall/early winter skincare products do just that. Here’s a look at an ingredient that’s leading the pack in dry skin products.


Ingredients, decoded

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