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Dr. Michelle Tu Gives Us The Lowdown On Calcium

I earned my Ph.D. working at Shriners Hospital for Children and studying how calcium can be used to help treat burn patients. Calcium is a mineral that’s required for almost every cellular process in our body. We can’t live without it. Even though it’s better known for strengthening bones and teeth, calcium plays an equally important role in skincare.

Think of calcium as skin's protector-in-chief. Its job is to make sure that the skin barrier, the front line of the skin’s defense from the outside world, stays intact to protect skin from UV rays and foreign invaders, like bacteria. Having a strong barrier also helps prevent water loss so that your skin and body stay hydrated. When the skin barrier needs maintenance work or has been badly damaged, calcium helps recruit new skin cells to replace it.

Calcium levels in our skin drop over time, due to aging and normal wear-and-tear. This eventually leads to dry, thin skin and those fine lines. After years of studying the importance of calcium, I was really surprised to see very few skincare products on the market using it. That’s when I decided to take matters into my own hands and use my research to develop calcium-based products to counter those effects.

I spent a year formulating my first product, Awake & Glow Calcium Moisturizer, before launching CURA. I was so excited to finally share with everyone what I had created and how calcium can help their skin. Fast forward a few years, and now there are several products in the line, and a few more coming out this year! Naturally, all CURA products contain calcium as the star ingredient, along with other high-performance ingredients to help jumpstart skin renewal, boost hydration, and protect your skin.

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What it is:

Calcium is a mineral. We get calcium from the foods we eat, but when we aren’t drinking enough milk or eating enough calcium-rich foods, our body will start taking it from our bones (yikes!).

What it does:

Calcium protects the skin’s barrier from UV rays and bacteria. The strong barrier it creates keeps your skin hydrated, but when the barrier is compromised, calcium helps to repair it.

What are its skin benefits:

Protection, hydration, and renewal are the key skincare benefits of calcium. 

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