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Bacne: Tips for Clearing Back Breakouts

Bac·ne /ˈbaknē/ noun, informal

Definition: acne on the skin of a person's back.

Bacne. If you’ve managed to get away with flawless back skin despite the unforgiving summer humidity this season…. I can’t relate. Bacne happens in part because acne can happen anywhere on your body where sweat glands are present, but tends to be more common if you’ve been sweating more than usual. 👀 Sweat mixed with bacteria on the skin and dead skin cells clog pores and cause breakouts. One of the most common causes of back acne is sweaty clothes, so think twice before lounging on the couch after a workout instead of hitting the showers. 🏋🏽‍♀️🚿

While many of you are already well-versed in handling the occasional face break out, those pores deep down your back always seem to be extra tricky for a number of reasons. It’s not always easy to reach across the middle of your back unless you’re particularly flexible, and body acne tends to be super stubborn. So if you find that your bacne just won’t go away, it’s a good idea to make an appointment with your dermatologist. 

But here are some actionable steps you can take today to help keep your back skin clear:


Use a long washcloth or scrubber with a handle long enough to reach across your back, and be sure to replace it every month. Use a gentle exfoliant with ingredients like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide to remove any excess dirt or oils. PS Whatever products you use on your face can be used on your back as well, so no need to purchase anything new! 

Cleanse and Rinse off any hair products before you get out of the shower

Wash off all hair product residue down your back with soap to avoid any pore-clogging chemicals. Cleanse your back regularly and thoroughly to make sure you’re getting all the gunk off your skin, the same way you would with your face. 

Don’t sit around after a workout

Try not to sit around all day with a sweaty back. If you’ve been sweating, shower as soon as you can. Letting sweat and bacteria sit and clog your pores is how back breakouts happen. 

Keep your hair off your back

Oil coming from your hair might be what’s causing your back to break out.  Especially when it’s warm out, wash your hair regularly, and put it in a knot to prevent it from grazing your back with excess oil and bacteria. 

Use cleansing wipes

Can you just feel the sweat sitting on your skin but don’t have time to shower? Try gentle cleansing wipes to quickly wipe away any sweat and bacteria before a break out forms. 

Try a treatment spray

Try sprtizing a body spray or toner with salicylic acid to refresh your skin and help fight bacne-causing bacteria on your skin. Plus, the spray will make it easier to ensure the product is exposed to your full back!

Feautured Image: @poofacnescars, 📸: @zaizulfi

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