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Le CultureClub is now Baalm

To soothe, and to heal. Community heals our hearts and our souls. Products and services heal our skin and bodies. Baalm heals all the above. That's why, when we decided to move forward with a brand refresh, the word literally healed our branding journey. Stressed over the pressure of embracing an identity we knew but didn't have a name for, the word Baalm came in the wee hours of the morning. After a long journey filled with trials we sometimes thought we coudln't overcome, came the soothing.

Baalm represents not just the solution to pain, but the beginning of a new journey. As a company we have always believed in the power of education, community and guidance to find the answers to our skin's needs. With our membership community we know that we can do the same for your skin journey.

Some of you may be coming to us having tried dozens of products with no real results. Others of you may be in search of a new direction for your skin journey, even if nothing is overtly "wrong" with your skin. Still others may be looking for a space filled with people who share in what you've been through, what you're going through and want to connect.

Baalm is not just a solution, it is binding. We're binding ourselves to seeing your skin journey through. The audacity to love yourself— that's what we strive for everyday. We think the answer to that comes from healing the skincare industry as well. By pushing for more transparency from brands and the products they make. By asking why we can't make packaging sustainable, shipping more earth friendly. In the course of finding what beauty means to us, why can't we heal the environment around us?

Whether you're searching for the right products, the right people or the right space for your skin journey, we're here to help.


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