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A Beginner's Guide to Taking a Bath

It’s cold, but you know this. You could turn up the heat, and then you’d just be doing the same shit you do, but in a slightly warmer environment. So why not use the frigid cold as an opportunity to step up your self-care game?

Enter: the bath. There were several years in which I lived in a 400 square-foot apartment in the East Village that only had a shower I could barely fit in, so once I moved into a place with a bath, my soaking got real serious real fast. I could finally buy all those things that were on my “Perfect Bath” wishlist! Goodbye money, hello extreme relaxation.

So what do you need to have the best bath of your life (besides hot water)? Just follow my lead.

A Candle:

Call me basic or whatever, but I’ll love Mrs. Meyer’s Lavender Candle until I die. It’s only $7 and is a lovely familiar scent I can get on board with.

A Bath Salt:

Hot take, but I don’t approve of bath bombs. It just seems like they have no value other than aesthetics. Bath salts (real ones and not the ones that people snort) are far more soothing for your muscles. I was passive-aggressively gifted these Pursoma salts called Digital Detox. You turn off your phone, pour in the entire bag, soak for half an hour, and then go to sleep because it’s truly that relaxing.

A Bubble:

You can’t have a bath without bubbles, change my mind. Bubbles keep you young at heart. Yes, I may have graduated from Mr. Bubble to something more elevated, but they bring me some amount of joy and that’s worth something, right? Lately, I’m digging the Laura Mercier Crème Brûlée Honey Bath. It smells amazing and has the right amount of froth.

An Oil:

The oilier the better because I’m really effing lazy and don’t like moisturizing my body, even though I know it’s important. I truly wish I could afford to try Susanne Kaufmann’s oils, but I’m more of a ball on a budget kind of person, so I’ve been using Kneipp, which is also very good. They have many options to choose from, but as I tend to take a bath before bed, I use the Sweet Dreams one to help me sleep as hard as I possibly can.

A Soak:

The other day I felt that old familiar tickle in the back of my throat that says. “If you do nothing, this will lay you up for a full week.” With a vacation around the corner, I had to do something fast, but with limited time and energy, what could I do? I went into my medicine cabinet to see if I could rustle up some kind of cure, and then I spotted it: Dr. Hauschka Spruce Warming Bath Essence. I poured a generous amount into the bath and breathed in the evergreen scent for a hot 30 minutes, got a full night’s sleep, and woke up feeling amazing. I’m not saying this cured me, but it also didn’t not cure me.

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